Implementation on the project by Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center

Implementation on the project  [Enhaning Sustainable Utilization and Management scheme of Tropical Anguilid Eel Resources in Southeast Asia] by Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center

25th July 2017

Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center

Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center will implement the project “Enhancing Sustainable Utilization and Management Scheme of Tropical Anguillid Eel Resources in Southeast Asia” using the funding provided by Japan ASEAN Integration Fund (JAIF)

  1. Backgrounds and objectives of the project

The demands of tropical anguillid eel are increasing as alternative species to compensate the global shortage of supply of eel farming in recent years. However, there are no historical record on the status of tropical anguillid eel resources utilization in Southeast Asia.

During the Cites-Cop17 in 2016, discussions were made regarding over-exploitation of eels. Also, the upcoming Cite-Cop18 in 2019 is supposed to have further discussion about the same issue and the management of target species of eel resources.

Under this situation, it is needed to gather information for the status of exploited resources, and strengthen appropriate management scheme for sustainable utilization of auguillid eel resources in Southeast Asia.

Based on the above, this project will implement initiatives aimed at strengthening the management system for sustainable utilization of tropical Anguilla eel in Southeast Asia.

  1. Budget

Total amount US $ 842,853 (for two years)

  1. Fund

JAIF (Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund)*

*The Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund was established on 27th March 2006 in order to support ASEAN’s efforts to promote integration, focusing on correcting in region-gaps, aiming to establish the ASEAN Community. A total of US $ 650 million had been contributed by the Japanese government so far.

  1. Term and target countries

Project Term: 2017-2019 (Two years) Project target countries: ASEAN 10 countries

  1. Contents of activities
  • To strengthen the statistical data collection system to better understand the present status of utilization on tropical anguillid eel
  • To develop and disseminate the aquaculture technology for improved survival rate of tropical anguillid eel
  • To strengthen the resources management system of tropical anguilled eel through workshops and regional meetings for related parties in ASEAN Member States.
Contact details for inquiries

Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC)
Contact persons: Dr. Kaoru Ishii; Mr. Isao Koya
Telephone: +66-2-940-6326; +66-2-940-6332
Fax: +66-2-940-6336


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